I love all things that are
musical / fun / new.

I am a practicing New Media Artist with a diverse creative background. From when I first picked up a camcorder and started a Youtube Channel at the age of 7 until now as a 22 year old at Purchase College  I have always been interested in the act of creation. I have a love for DIY aesthetics + colorful palletes in both phyiscal and digital spaces. When I am creating I am heavily influenced  by music, playfulness in art, and community. I am interested in creating work that is engaging, joyful, and has a community aspect to it. I believe that the art world needs to allow room for more fun  and to show the world that anyone can be an artist, that is always at the heart of my work. 
I’ve created work for Senator Kevin Thomas, Social Media Managed for Tell All Of Your Friends PR, was the Creative Director for WPSR Radio Station, and served as the President of the Purchase New Media Club. Most recently I debuted my Senior Project, A Show Of Hands which combines the world of interactive design, virality and fun in art. I recieved my Bachelor Degree of New Media From Purchase College in the spring of 2020.

My personal intertests are learning new skills (I am currently learning how to use the Cricut Machine!) , curating the PERFECT Spotify playlists, and skateboarding with my friends. 

I’m always approachable for conversations, collaborations, music discussions, and questions. 

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