Gradient Portaits

Design / Photography
Experiments in Photography and Design, I combined the two mediums to create my own type of self portrait. Looking forward to experimenting with this style more in the future.

WPSR Graphic Designer

Art Direction / Design / Social Media Content
WPSR is Purchase College’s Student Radio Station, I served as the Graphic Designer and would create flyers, content for our social media, and help collaborate on event designs. 

New Media Club

President / Graphic Design / Event Planning
A selection of images I created for Purchase New Media Club. We had a variety of different workshops and events so each flyer is unique for each type of event. Content was created physically and for social media.

Album Cover Remixes

Design / Physical Production

For the Design Issues Final Project we were given the ability to create whatever we wanted as long as it was 20 images in length. I remixed some of my favorite album covers and produced them in their own jewel cases to give them a physical quality. Shown are some of my favorite remixes.

Opposing Concepts

Design / Production

For this project we were given the guidlines to create a series of opposite designs using the risograph printer. I chose to use only 3 colors to showcase the oposites of clear / unclear advertisements, space / time, physical / digital. Here is a selection of my favorite images.

Typographic Investigations

Design / Illustration

2018 - 2020
Typographic Designs + Experiments over the last 3 years, here are some of my favorite selections, created in Adobe Illustrator.

Event Promotion Gifs

Design / Social Media Content
2019 - 2020
Digital Flyers for FK A GENRE / Zipper Collective / Sidestage, I wanted to combine motion and eye popping colors to attract people who will be attending these events. Photoshop / Illustrator / After Effects were used.

Original Covers

Art Direction / Graphic Design / Illustration
Photography for O Jonny, Creative Direction for WPSR Mixtapes, Design for Keaton Comiskey, Gelato Original Cover, Bangers Only Creative Direction mixed mediums.

Event Flyers

Art Direction / Design
One of my favorite things to do is to create flyers for events, I enjoy branding an event with the specific guidlines the event gives me. Here are some of my favorites created for Purchase Collage events + Zipper Art Collective. Starlight Diner Illustration By Sarah Couture + No Strings collaboration with Emma Shickell.

NYS Summer Internshipip

Graphic Design
Over the Summer of 2019, I was the Creative Intern for Senator Kevin Thomas. Over the 3 course of 3 months I created flyers for his events, social media posts for Holidays, and custom designs for whatever the office needed.