In his piece, “Show Of Hands”, Alec Giorgio utilizes Instagram and the Spark AR platform to explore the ideas of interactive art, pop culture, and accessible art to create a piece that anyone can utilize for their own enjoyment.

The piece consists of 20 different Spark AR creations which include, Camera Filters, Color Changing Effects, Interactive Pieces, and Games. Utilizing the Spark AR platform to create a variety of different pieces in one medium he hopes to explore how people can utilize art to bring joy to their lives or even make the creations  their own giving them the building blocks to create their own experiences.

His goal of the piece is to create an accessible piece of art in a New Medium to create a portable ‘installation’ that can bring pop culture straight to the users phone.

Alec hopes that his piece brings you as much joy as he had while creating it. :)

When using the effects please tag

SHOW OF HANDS from Alec Giorgio on Vimeo.